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Soffits and Fascias

When you invest in uPVC roofline solutions with Roof Solutions, you are ensuring that your home is fully protected for the long-term, as well as enhance its appearance and value. If unprotected, your roof rafters and joists will need continuous repair in order to counteract the effects of weather exposure. This is very costly and time consuming for homeowners to contend with. We’d like to offer you an alternative.

What Are Soffits, Fascias and Bargeboards?
Fascias are attached to the roof trusses. They are boards that run horizontally along the top of the exterior walls and help to support the gutters, these can be heavily strained from gallons of rainwater. The soffits are boards that connect at a right angle to the fascia and are often ventilated to prevent a build up of condensation within the roof eaves. Soffits will help to keep your roof’s overhang in top class condition.

Bargeboards attach to the projecting edges or gables of a roof. A roof typically projects beyond the surface of a building, which would otherwise leave the edges of the timber unprotected from weather and rot. They can be simple or detailed in style and design.

uPVC Fascia
Roof Solutions wide range of fascias are perfect for replacing old boards. To suit your home they come in a variety of colours, finishes and moulding designs to suit all needs and will be precisely cut to fit your individual property. Ask a member of our roofing team to show you examples of our fantastic bespoke work and designs. If in the process of installing your fascias we find that your existing rafters show signs of fungus, wood rot or other weather damage, we can also repair them as necessary.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Kind of Building Materials Are Used For Your Soffts and Fascias?

A: We use only uPVC for our soffits and fascias for good reason. It is guaranteed not to crack, chip, fade, rot, warp or discolour for a minimum of 10 years. It is also fire, vermin and insect resistant. uPVC never requires repainting either. If, within this guaranteed time frame, the soffits or fascias become damaged we will replace them immediately at no extra cost to you. Also, fascias and soffits that are white are guaranteed for 20 years!

Q: Do I Need To Worry About Condensation In My Rafters?

A: Not with Roof Solutions soffits and fascias! All of our roof line products come with a special in-built ventilator strips and an eaves support tray to prevent the build up of condensation within the roof void. In addition, our team will install a bird comb which will keep birds from nesting in your rafters.

Q: What If There Is Rot Or Weather Damage To My Rafters?

A: If there is rot, fungus or additional weather damage to your existing rafters, we will repair them at no additional charge to you. Our estimates never include hidden extras. We guarantee it!

Q: Is uPVC Safe To Use?

A: Absolutely! In fact, it is even used for mouth guards and retainers, which is a testament to its safety. It has widespread building applications due to its durability, flexibility and cost effectiveness. 50% of all construction projects include the use of this material.

Q: Is uPVC Environmentally Friendly?

A:Yes! uPVC is recyclable up to ten times. This reduces its carbon imprint while making it resistant to fire, rot, vermin and insect damage. At Summit Cladding, we care about the environment, and carefully research every building material we use. The results are soffits and fascias that are as responsible as they are durable.

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